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The Step it Up project was funded by the Health Research Board in collaboration with MS Ireland and Prof Rob Motl from the  University of Illinois.

65 people with MS took part in the exercise and education classes which resulted in improvements in walking, fatigue and physical activity.


Further information regarding the trial can be found by clicking here.

About Us

The MS Research Team at UL is a multidisciplinary group that aims to enhance the lives of people with MS through research and education. The group has a focus on the use of exercise and physiotherapy treatments to both reduce symptoms and enhance quality of life for people living with MS.


The MS Research Team is led by Prof Susan Coote, Associate Professor of Physiotherapy at UL. The team works in close collaboration with MS Ireland, and this successful partnership was formalised in 2012 through a memorandum of understanding between MS Ireland and UL. Our work is enhanced by collaboration with researchers in Sports Science, Psychology, Electronic Engineering and Occupational Therapy and the wide range of viewpoints and expertise ensures optimal quality in our research and education activities.

Team publications and funding information click here.

There are an increasing number of studies that show that exercise has many beneficial effects for people with MS. However, we also know that people with MS are not as physically active as the general population. Therefore, Prof Susan Coote is currently running two studies regarding physical activity among people with MS.


The first study involves a survey which investigates the factors associated with physical activity levels among people with MS. The aim of the research is to understand the factors associated with physical activity levels and to use these findings to design and evaluate exercise programmes for people with MS. We are inviting all people with MS, whether you are physically active or not to take part in this study. If you would like further information regarding this study, please click on this link.


As mentioned previously, despite the many benefits, physical activity levels among people with MS are generally low. Therefore, the second study involves a 12 week online education and exercise programme aimed at increasing physical activity. People with MS who can walk with or without an aid will be invited to take part in the study. For further information, please click the link.

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