The Active Neuro Project

is funded by the Slaintecare Integration Fund and aims to to employ an integrated care approach to delivering health promoting physical activity programmes for adults with neurological conditions in the community in CHO Area 3.

The Active Neuro programmes are now available online - we are using tele-health to run our groups. If you can do video chats on a phone, tablet or laptop/computer then you have all that you need to take part.

Through the project we will offer a range of programmes that aim to reduce symptom severity and increase quality of life and participation - these will be based on your ability so we would like to hear from healthcare providers and people living with neurological conditions to help shape these.

For healthcare providers:

This project focuses on self management, and health promoting physical activity to reduce secondary complications of inactivity. Quality of life will be improved and symptoms reduced therefore enabling people to live healthily in the community. Exercise interventions will improve balance and reduce fall risk and subsequent injury and acute care usage.

This cross sectoral, cross diagnostic, health promoting physical activity project builds on successful but siloed current provision for patients with neurological conditions. This new way to deliver a service will offer intervention to patients across a range of conditions.

It moves from reactive interventions at time of crisis or deterioration, to health promoting exercise, physical activity and falls prevention programmes in order to enhance health and well-being and to keep these people out of acute care. The aims and objectives align with the steps outlined in the implementation framework of the ‘National Strategy & Policy for the Provision of Neuro-Rehab Services in Ireland’. It offers a “next stop” after rehabilitation by the stroke early supported discharge schemes, or intervention for those living with chronic neurological conditions. The voice of the patient will be reflected through all elements of the project though the set-up of the patient forum. It optimises strategies to enable its implementation nationally after this project through its collaborative approach, manualised programmes and training and implementation models.


Get involved with Active Neuro


At our public consultation and stakeholder meetings we heard how programmes tailored to your ability and time since diagnosis are important to you - we will group people by ability/symptoms and create tailored programmes for people newly diagnosed and who have been living with their neurological condition for longer.

We would like to run programmes that meet the needs of the participants, here are some programmes that may be of interest to you, if you have other ideas please do contact us

If you would like to take part in our programmes you can download and complete the referral form here - self referral or referral by charities and healtcare providers is also welcome