Exercise and Physiotherapy

Our research into the benefits of exercise and physiotherapy for people with MS started with the Getting the Balance right programme. This reseach was in collaboration with MS Ireland and the treatments are still ongoing today. You can read about the programme and the research by clicking here.


Getting the Balance Right showed very positive benefits for people with all abilities, however the benefits weren't maintained when the classes finished. We are now investigating whether exercise and education in a physiotherapy led programme can lead to sustained improvements. Read more about the Step it Up programme here


Since Getting the Balance Right our research has expanded to investigate how we can measure Balance following Physiotherapy. You can read about that study in collaboration with Elaine Ross, Senior Physiotherapist in St James Hospital here 


If you are a physiotherapist and are interested in taking part in research, keeping in touch with other physiotherapists and hearing about the latest research from us, then the Physiotherapists Interested in MS group may be for you. Read more about this community of practice here