Sarah Hayes (Member)


Dr. Sara Hayes is a Health Research Board post-doctoral researcher on the Step it Up study in the Department of Clinical Therapies, University of Limerick. A physiotherapy graduate of Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Sara has completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Statistics (TCD) and a PhD in Physiotherapy (TCD). She has worked with various clinical populations since 2008 and her main interest lies in neurological physiotherapy, specifically the provision of sustainable exercise programmes to people with stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS). Dr. Hayes is an active member of the Irish Society for Physiotherapists (ISCP) and the Physiotherapists with an Interest in MS (PIMS) group. Sara’s primary role on the MS research team is to coordinate the Step it Up study. Step it Up is a programme wherein people with MS living near Galway, Limerick and Cork are offered a free physiotherapy-led 10-week evidence-based exercise and educational intervention. Dr. Hayes is involved identifying people with MS who are suitable for Step it Up, training physiotherapists to deliver the Step it Up programme, carrying out participant assessments before and after the intervention, analysing the results of the study and circulating and publishing these results to people with MS, their friends and family, physiotherapists and other health care professionals with an interest in MS research.