Translating Research

It is very important to us that our research is based on the needs of people with MS, healthcare providers and those involved in advocacating on behalf of people with MS. People with MS are involved in the planning, execution and delivery of all of our research projects.


Our main collaborator is MS Ireland. You can read more about their involvement in research as a funder, as an advocate and as a link to people with MS who want to take part in trials here


We also collaborate with physiotherapists around the country through the PIMS group


Our largest knowledge translation project is the Activity Matters project. This project will create an evidence based website, to meet the needs of people with MS in becoming more active. You can read more about the project here

In 2020 we are delighted to collaborate with PCCC HSE, MS Ireland and a range of cross sectoral partners in the Active Neuro Project - you can find more information here